Judith is obsessed with organising, planning and making spreadsheets, and sees every interaction as an opportunity to learn something new. She has lived and breathed hospitality and events for over 10 years and has become a passionate event planner with a keen eye for detail. Her experience with event management evolved simply from her love of working with people, which has seen her manage a broad range of events from large scale street festivals, weddings to product launches and dinner parties. When she’s not chasing a deadline, you can find her with her hands tied up in wool making pom-poms, or out in nature picking flowers with her Bulldog, Mister, by her side. 

Daniel is a natural born communicator, always including everyone in his new ideas and vast visions. He loves to work on projects big and small and serves any objective with boundless enthusiasm and care. With over seven years of managing worldwide events, Daniel thrives in an atmosphere of high pressure and deadlines - only ever exuding total coolness, relaxation and ease. In his spare time, you might find him on a large stage somewhere in the world playing drums for an international pop, rock and soul band.

Romy loves people! She finds the unique qualities that each person possesses and loves bringing them alive through colour, flowers, furniture, games and music. She is passionate about having fun and brings this incredible zest for life into all the projects she’s involved in. With over seven years of event planning experience, Romy has found herself managing global music projects in India, to festivals in Sweden and large scale fundraising events. In sunshine or thundering rain, you can find Romy swimming endless laps at the local pool or at a weekend farmers' market taste testing anything that’s going.

Our Impact

Everyone in Toko Events shares a passion to make the world a better place. That is why 10% of all Toko Event’s profits go towards a non-profit organisation that helps people recognise their strengths, gifts and talents and use them to have a positive impact on the world.