I’m obsessed with your event ideas – I love it when my clients dream big and we work together to make your best and brightest ideas a reality. And even if you’re not really sure what you want yet, I relish the opportunity to tease those ideas out.

I’m obsessed with planning. I geek-out on spreadsheets and budgets and coordinating people and times and suppliers (which is great, because it means you don’t have to). Wedding and event planning combine all of my creative skills with all of my attention to detail – a proper left brain/right brain workout!

I’m obsessed with learning all the different skills this job teaches me. It might be a new knot to tie a garland to a tree (hint: if you can’t tie knots, tie lots), how lighting can change the atmosphere of a room, accessing power in the most remote of places, which florals will be in season at the time of your wedding, or a ceremonial tradition I didn’t know about.

But my big, fat ‘why’? It’s the people.

It’s the loved-up couples who want to give their guests (and themselves) the best-blooming-party ever.

It’s the suppliers who are endlessly talented: the venue owners and caterers and florists and photographers and every other creative who pours their soul into their special talent.

It’s my team – the movers and shakers (literally) who manage events when I can’t be everywhere at once, who bump in and out on event days, set up chuppahs and arches, and love details as much as I do - as well as all the people who help keep a small business running.

I can’t do any of this without them!

After over ten years in the events and hospitality industry, I’ve managed everything from intimate dinner parties, product launches, large scale street events and of course, weddings (which is actually what I love the most)! Toko Events was born out of a love for taking a seed of a party idea - an idea that simply needs a little water and sunlight - and working with lots of fantastic people – including my fabulous team - to make it grow into a fun, impactful and smooth event. 

It’s all about the people: I’m so looking forward to working with YOU to bring your idea to life.